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LearningLAB I









Maximizing the awareness, learning, and adaptability of large groups.







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Systemic Organizational Engagement & Culture Challenges

Long-term Systemic Innovation Restraint

Organizational Agility

Budget Overruns

Project Management Inefficiencies

Curriculum Design Adaptability

Organizational Communication Challenges

Ineffectiveness of Change Management Projects

Decision Making Accuracy



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Our LearningLAB activates the mental and learning potential of every single person, while at the same time increasing the ability of entire groups and departments.

Are you falling short of reaching goals and targets, even if you have already invested in training, knowledge sharing systems, and other technology platforms? 


The LearningLAB increases the ability of teams and departments by reducing errors, increasing innovation or by doing both. We accomplish this through the practical application of cognitive science research and organizational design to create ongoing, systemic, and sustainable learning performance. 


Don't innovation consultants and business analysts already do that?  A lot of great work is being done with applying design thinking to organizational challenges through the use of workshops and innovation jams.  But workshops, like any stand alone intervention, are limited in their overall impact, either by scope or the validity of the solutions over time.


Our learning designs incorporate the power of the human mind, individually and collectively, to create better solutions now and for the future.  




Learning design formats are completely dependent upon the intended outcome.  The word innovation gets thrown around a lot today, but is one looking to make continuous micro improvements or to create large leaps in product or service delivery? Is the goal process or strategic driven? Is it based upon a specific department or many? 


We apply different components and weights to a comprehensive tailored learning matrix, which then enables us to actually measure the learning capability of a group and create systemic changes in organizational design.  We partially create these changes by adjusting organizational culture, but also respecting it. We do it with you, not for you.  We work behind, and in front of, the scenes as needed. We are facilitators and catalyzers, not consultants.


Please contact us for more detail.  We are always happy to discuss our methodology. 



So What Does That Look Like Exactly? It Depends.



Price-Performance Ratio & Economies of Scale

28% of measured worldwide development expenditures in 2016 were spent on consultants and workshops (ATD, 2016) which amounts to approximately $45 billion.  A majority of this spending is extremely difficult to transform into measurable success.


Our learning designs add a measurable continual impact. Furthermore, our designs have a powerful performance multiplier effect, as they can be implemented on larger and larger scales with relatively small increases in cost.


In fact, we suspect that our LearningLAB pricing model adds more value (long-term sustainable improvements) at a lower cost than any other intervention you can think of. 


Association for Talent Development. (2016). State of the Industry Report. Retrieved from https://www.td.org/Store/Product?ProductId=15672339.


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LearningLAB II

Conventions Are Good, But Not When They Prevent Us From Seeing Things Differently



LearningLAB II

Conventions Are Good, But Not When They Prevent Us From Seeing Things Differently




Learning Approaches Vs. Greatest Institutional Value


Job experience and mentoring/job rotation provides more than 50% of greatest institutional value. Job experience is invaluable because it is completely domain specific.  The challenge is that most teams, groups, and institutions, don't fully extract this experience.  Most organizations focus on organizational development conventions that are necessary, but that certainly do not create the greatest learning value. 


(Please click on chart to see data segments and values)


Mallon, D., Clarey, J., Vickers, M.  (2012).  The high impact learning organization series.  Bersin & Associates.  Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/jbersin/the-future-of-corporate-learning-2016/25-34814283336600_10_20_30_40.


We help you to fully extract this potentially untapped learning value at very little cost by analyzing your learning efforts and organizational design and then propelling the learning ability of your department or entire organization.  It will save you money, increase your innovation, and get you closer to those you ought to be serving, whether they be clients, customers, or students. When it comes to organizational development, it is time for something that really creates measurable improvements.