Human Design, Design Thinking & Beta Approach



Human Design is how we define the creation of artifacts and environments that fully optimize human perceptual efforts and motivation.  It is an extraordinarily comprehensive way of understanding how we think, perceive, work, study, and live on a daily basis.



Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems. It utilizes both our minds and hearts to create an artifact or solution that is logical, useful, and purposefully developed.  

Design thinking is both highly collaborative and iterative.  It brings the idea of prototyping to more than just engineering projects. Anything can be an earlier iteration of something else.  The key is to focus on continually changing something so that it perpetually stays relevant.



We use the terms design thinking and beta approach as separate concepts.  Both refer to prototyping and an iterative process. However, at Cognitive DESIGNLAB design thinking is how we approach human centered solutions.  It is how we define the process by which we create solutions. A beta approach refers to how we research cognitive science concepts to understand whether they can be used to structure a new LAB, and if they can, what that LAB will look like.  Will it serve the purpose we intend it for?  We usually have at least two ongoing BetaLABS at any given point.